Illustration – Holiday Card

  • Once Upon a Furry Family
    Holiday card, 2004

    Left to right:
    Buddy, Deli, Bear, Lissa (me) and Rascal

    Main goal:
    To provide a personalized holiday card for my friends and family

  • Challenge

    My pets, particularly these pets that I had at the time, helped me get through tough times. I wouldn’t have been the same person without them and I always showcase them proudly every chance I get.


    I’ve drawn many animals using pencil and paper over the years, but this was my first attempt at building living beings in a vector format using Illustrator. Then I placed them into Photoshop and did some blurring/smudging to soften it up a bit. I’ve learned better ways of doing this since then, but I feel it isn’t too shabby for my first time and warrants being showcased here.