My name is Lissa. I’m e-QUIPped 4 design. U may bug me N-E time!

Here’s a Quip or Two About Lissa Lou

  1. First name is Lissa
  2. Middle name is Lou
    But seriously, my middle name is Nicole.

How did I choose the name e-QUIPped 4 design? Excellent question. Thanks for asking. It indirectly started in high school when I decided I wanted to be punny (funny with puns). I drew a little lady bug and wrote “U bug me!”, then gave it to a friend in my commercial art class. He retaliated with a drawing of his own; “Eye C how U R”. This interaction continued for a year until my friend graduated. He became a tattoo artist, and in practicing for said career, tattooed a lady bug on my wrist. I came to have an obsession with lady bugs. Many co-workers have called me “Bug” over the years. When I graduated from college, my first portfolio site was called Good Pun Designs (somewhat ironically, since puns are never really “good”, but rather sarcastic knee slappers. As I got older and the age of texting things like “U R (fill in the blank)” became the norm, I decided to get away from that for a while and chose a more serious synonym (quip) this time to better reflect my not-so-much witty, but more objectionable nature. But to heck with being serious all the time! Now I’m back to using my lame (but quirky?) puns again. I can be fun. I swear! ;-p

Quip (kwĭp) <-I even used a breve in my logo for a while until I saw Blĭnd & Sons’ logo was using it too. GASP!

  1. A clever, witty remark often prompted by the occasion.
  2. A clever, often sarcastic remark; a gibe.
  3. A petty distinction or objection; a quibble.
  4. Something curious or odd.

“Odd?” Absofrigginlutely.