Meghan Meeker
“has helped me immensely to build an inner brand identity, by overhauling our company’s logo (a new branding, of her design), marketing material, letter samples for sales prospecting and most recently, our company’s website.”

Dmitry A. Chernikov
via Nebula Graphic Design
“oh my goodness, this is spectacular work, way above my expectations! This is really cool. I loathe even to criticize.”

Leianne Malachin
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“Everything looks great! You did an awesome job =) i really can’t thank you enough for doing these- I’m so happy with the results.”

Beth Repasky
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“I love the tarot design! I shared your page with a local business owner. You are quite the talented gal!”

Stephanie Julian
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“I just wanted to say how much I loved the EC RT ad…in the May issue. Absolutely gorgeous.”

Jeanne Savery
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“I LOVE IT! … THIS IS TRULY EXCELLENT!” (The Ghost and Sara Tomlinson)

Barbara Miller
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“Wow, it’s just the way I pictured it only better. And the compass is somewhat symbolic of the character arc of the governess. Great job.” (Governess for a Week)