Governess for a Week

  • Governess for a Week
    by Barbara Miller

    Traditional Regency Romance – Fiction
    This is a gothic period, theatrical story.

  • Challenge

    When starting a book cover, I am given a description of the main characters, a location, a list of important items and an excerpt from the story. I gather possible images (photos or vector art) and start playing around with them (FPO – For Position Only). When I find myself heading in a decent direction, then I narrow down and purchase the images.


    I was the sole designer/illustrator for this Cerridwen Cotillion line of books for several years. They were meant to look like Regency Period paintings, so I often used images of paintings from that period and revised them to fit the story, also adding a canvas texture to each one to keep a consistent style about them.

    This particular piece is about a Governess who pretends to be the fiancée of Lord Wyle in order to appease his relatives, but of course, the situation becomes confusing for both of them.